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M/R Vein
The Cutting-Edge Mix Reality-Based
Vein Finder!

Discover the future of vein detection with M/R VEIN, a hands-free, AI-powered vein finder that revolutionizes medical procedures. Welcome precision and efficiency through this innovative technology. Leveraging augmented reality, M/R VEIN enables healthcare professionals to effortlessly locate veins, enhancing patient care and minimizing discomfort. With our state-of-the-art, AI-backed device, expect quick and accurate vein identification and insertion, better patient experiences, and less medical supply wastage.


M/R VEIN - the ultimate solution for seamless and precise vein detection.


Your Adult Companionship Partner!

Delve into the power of advanced neural language processing with Sunny-1, crafted to offer support and companionship to older adults facing loneliness and isolation. Our AI-based companion robot engages in empathetic conversations, understanding individual needs with utmost compassion. Alleviate loneliness and foster cognitive engagement with Sunny-1 as your steadfast companion.

Sunny aims to enrich the lives of elderly individuals, bringing warmth and understanding to their world.

Embrace the joy of genuine companionship with Sunny-1 today!

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