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VanTech Shines at the 9th Annual MDDC Awards, Earning a Spot Among Top 7 for Its MR-VEIN Device

10 May 2023

The Biomedical Engineering Arena Witnesses a Remarkable Showcase by VanTech

Pushing Boundaries in Biomedical Innovation

Vancouver-based medical innovator, VanTech, has once again made waves in the world of biomedical engineering. The company secured its position among the top seven shortlisted teams at the 9th Annual MDDC Awards for Excellence in Biomedical Engineering Student Design & Innovation. Their standout product? The revolutionary MR-VEIN vein detection device.

About the MDDC Awards

The MDDC (Medical Device Development Center) Awards have grown to become a key event in the biomedical engineering calendar, celebrating outstanding student innovations in the field. Each year, budding engineers and designers come together to showcase their contributions, aiming to push the boundaries of what's possible in medical technology.

Spotlight on MR-VEIN

The MR-VEIN device exemplifies the spirit of innovation that the MDDC Awards celebrates. Built with precision and a profound understanding of clinical needs, the device promises to address challenges in intravenous procedures, offering healthcare professionals an accurate, efficient, and user- friendly vein detection device.

Praise from the Community

VanTech's presentation drew attention and accolades from attendees and jury members alike. "The MR-VEIN device is a testament to the potential that young innovators bring to the table. It’s a solution that understands the nuances of patient care and combines it with cutting-edge tech."

Looking Ahead

The event culminated in an atmosphere of inspiration and mutual admiration among peers. For VanTech, being among the top seven is both an honor and a responsibility. The company is now more determined than ever to ensure that MR-VEIN reaches healthcare facilities worldwide, turning their vision into a tangible reality.

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