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VanTech Medical Clinches the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Impact Award

1 May 2022

VanTech Medical receives boost in funding and mentorship

A Pioneering Vision Recognized

Vancouver-based startup, VanTech Medical, has been honoured with the Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Impact Fund award by the University of British Columbia (UBC) for the year 2022. Competing against a slew of promising contenders, VanTech Medical secured the notable CAD 10,000 seed fund, underlining the significance and potential of its innovative healthcare initiatives.

UBC’s Visionary Fund

The University of British Columbia's Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Impact Fund is an esteemed grant program that has been pivotal in identifying and nurturing Canadian startups with transformative potential. Over the years, the fund has cultivated an ecosystem where innovation, entrepreneurship, and positive impact converge.

A Boost for Continued Innovation

With the funds received, VanTech Medical is primed to further its R&D endeavors, and accelerate the development of its next-generation vein detection device.

A Vision Shared by Leaders

Leaders from both VanTech Medical and UBC shared their excitement over this collaboration. "This award allows us to jumpstart our venture and continue our journey towards commercialization of M/R VEIN-our cutting edge vein detection device" remarked the CEO of VanTech Medical. Meanwhile, a representative from UBC added, "The diversity of the founding team and their vision for impactful change made them the perfect choice for this year's award."

Charting New Frontiers

While the award is a significant milestone, for VanTech Medical, it's just the beginning. With a clear path, unwavering determination, and now, the added impetus from UBC’s Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Impact Fund, the future seems bright!

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