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Healthcare innovation starts here


Meet VanTech


At VanTech, we ILLUMINATE prevalent problems in healthcare, INITIATE solutions, and INSPIRE change and transformation for a brighter tomorrow.


VanTech was founded with a clear purpose: To improve the quality of healthcare by creating affordable, technology-driven solutions for pervasive issues in care provision and service delivery. The founders recognized that medical technologies and applications were typically cost-prohibitive and mainly available to developed nations.


This limited access creates a significant healthcare divide, and prevents many communities and regions from utilizing advanced technology to improve healthcare. With a strong determination to address this disparity and make a positive impact on global healthcare, VanTech was born.

Change starts here. It starts with us.


Our Products

M/R Vein
The Mix Reality Vein Finder


Your Companionship Partner

Accomplishments and Partners

VanTech is grateful to have been awarded grants and have the opportunity to participate in various incubators and programs.

Get in Touch

Hey! The VanTech team would love to hear from you. 


Reach out to us at or fill out our contact form. 

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6163 University Blvd, Vancouver B.C 

V6T 1Z1


ADM006-1138 Alumni Avenue, Kelowna B.C



175 Bloor Street East #1800, South Tower, Toronto, ON


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